full name
heath alfred dearborn (born lee junyoung)

date of birth

seoul, south korea (adopted, raised in honolulu, hawaii)

current residence
san francisco, ca*




allen dearborn (adoptive father), lisa dearborn (adoptive mother), and 4 adoptive siblings (older sisters amelia and grace, younger brother and sister edward and rosie)

the dearborns are a rich couple; living in-between england and the united states, going on lavish vacations and never batting an eye at the price of anything they buy. unfortunately, despite their attempts to have children, lisa doesn't conceive. they opt for adoption when a family friend mentions it, having adopted herself before, and so the dearborns submit their applications and proceed to get the children they've always dreamed of having. first, it's amelia, a girl from an orphanage in china. then grace, from the ukraine. heath is brought to the united states from south korea when he's about 2 years old. mr. and mrs. dearborn don't adopt twins edward and rosie until heath is 7.

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