ten facts
♫ and he was a skater boyscuff marks on his palms, rips in his jeans, board in hand. he loves the hobby, but doesn't do competitions or have dreams of making a career out of it. on days he's feeling rebellious, he'll roll through the hallways on his skateboard. (current deck)

sink or swim a member of panbakmoon's swim team. swimming is one of the only things (aside from skateboarding, obviously) that hyunjin really, truly enjoys. does he see a future with it? not exactly, but if his performance eventually gets him into a college one day he wouldn't be upset. he's faster in the water than he is on land, some days.

🤫 shy, quiet, aloof - blame it on the stars, or perhaps that hyunjin is just very introverted until he's grown comfortable with any given person, but it's true that he's the skater kid who usually keeps to himself. for those who know him well, however, he's almost every thing but.

dear mr.sandman if he received 1,000₩ every time he's been late to class for oversleeping, he'd be a rich man. there's even a good chance that on days he was late to homeroom, that he'll just fall asleep at his desk. thankfully, he does well enough in class most teachers don't nag at him (too much).

pretty boy hyunjin knows that looks are important, and no matter how you may perceive the rough edges acquired with skateboarding and the not-so-pretty imagery involved, he makes skincare a top priority. skin masks, essences, overnight creams - all of it. no one wants blemishes, you know?

an idyllic life in seoul hyunjin is an only child, born to a catholic couple comprised of a businessman and a stay-at-home wife. the family owns a dog. it's the picture perfect image, he would say. they even have a nice apartment to call home. despite how comfortable they all are, hyunjin finds it a bit boring. the teen loves his parents, though.

sin city bound thanks to his father's job, the hwang family often visits las vegas, nevada; there was even a small period in hyunjin's youth where they actually lived there - that's where hyunjin had become sam, and his english began to develop. since high school started, however, whenever his father has to travel for work, it's rarely with hyujin and his mother in company.

what about his old school, again? before panbakmoon, there was a prestigous, private school. hyunjin was scouted to attend because of his swimming speeds after a swim meet with other middle schools. seeing it as a great chance for their son, mr. and mrs. hwang didn't give him too much of a choice in going. he doesn't talk about it much, and doesn't see a problem with that.

"as long as i'm not failing, i'm good." hyunjin is an average student. he passes all of his classes just fine, but he's not on the honor roll or getting any sort of certificates any time soon. he's perfectly okay with this, even if his parents wish he would try a little harder.

oops very, very clumsy and not exactly the most careful. some would call him accident prone, he would kindly refer to himself as a dumbass.


there's a variety of things he has overheard in regards to why he's attending panbakmoon: first, it was a prank gone wrong, then it was bullying, and then it was something outrageous like getting caught with the headmaster's own kid. he thinks it's funny, something he can laugh about when met with the truth of the matter. which is a lot more simpler than something like explusion.

hyunjin was never a rich kid, but he was attending a rich school. sure, the scholarship he was given for being an active member of the school's swim team did wonders for the tuition costs, and yeah it was nice to be able to say he was going to a private school his family wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. things were fine, until his mother got sick. the cancer had came back. so his father works longer days, his mother is often in the hospital and hyunjin's left to his own devices as the family tries to stay afloat.

other • 179 cm; usually dressed very casually (jeans, baggy shirts, and hoodies are common), black hair that can get a little messy, one-sided dimple and a beauty mark under (his) left eye. new day, new bruises, new cuts. • pisces-aries cusp, b blood type, INFP personality type • extra shit goes here

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